Pre-stressed Wideslab Flooring

Pre-stressed Wideslab Floor Slabs

Wideslab flooring comes in 2415mm wide sections. Our slabs are pre-stressed. There is steel strand at the bottom of the slab which is stretched and held in place until it forms a bond with the concrete in the slab. Once this occurs the strands are released. The tension in the strands pulls the slab together, causing the slab to act upwards creating a slight camber (bow). This strengthens the slab against the downward service loads which act on the floor once it is in place.

The slabs come in a range of depths;

  • 100mm
  • 125mm
  • 150mm


No Structural Screed Required

With our 150mm pre-stressed wideslab, block walls can be built directly off a slab spanning up to 6 metres (clear span) without the need for a structural screed. This is unlike our competitors who require a structural screed, with much shorter spans. (Fig. A)

Underfloor Heating

Our 150mm slab can be used as a finished slab when using underfloor heating.  (Fig. A) Insulation can be placed directly onto the slab surface, and then heating pipes and screed placed directly onto the insulation. No added expense as there is no requirement for a structural screed to be poured and cured.

Reduced number of Joints

Our wideslabs are 2415mm wide. This will lead to fewer slabs which will mean less time grouting the joints. This is compared with other forms of flooring which comes in much smaller widths.

Fire Resistance

Our slabs provide 1 hour fire protection as standard.

Speed of Erection

Our wideslabs are 2415mm wide. This will lead to fewer slabs which will mean less time placing. Unlike other forms of flooring which come in much smaller widths.

Reduction in Airbourne and Impact Sound

Reduces noises travelling between storeys.

Suspended Ceiling Fixing

We manufacture all our slabs to withstand and hold a compressed anchor or drilling system fixing. This ensures a permanent fixing for a lifelong ceiling.

Safe Working Platform

With our 150mm wideslab unit; once the slabs are placed, they will provide a safe working platform for the subsequent follow on trades straight away. No waiting for a structural screed to cure.

Millimeter Perfection

All our precast is made to measure. Unlike our competitors who manufacture slabs to incremental lengths (50mm increments), thus leaving slabs either too long or too short. We guarantee our slabs will sit 100mm on the internal leaf. (Fig. A)

Grouting for joints between Wideslab Slabs

Joints between the slabs are to be grouted after installation and before screeds are placed. A minimum 30N/10 grout/concrete with 3 parts sand to 1 part cement is to be used.